A car battery is an important component to the vehicle and can give off years of good service

Battery Man have their company base in Pietermaritzburg. Now although they have garnered a high reputation as being a leading battery provider, the area is situated in the Midlands of KZN. It is a very long drive for people from other parts of the province to get to them, to take advantage of the professional services and low prices. This is why Battery Man has a delivery system in place for anyone requiring their car batteries Durban. The service is free to all customers in the province. This allows for customers to not only use the best company around but to also get their car batteries Durban delivered right to them. This will save on both time and money at not having to take the vehicle to a fitment centre to get new car batteries Durban inserted into the vehicle.

A car battery is an important component to the vehicle and can give off years of good service. It needs to be installed and maintained properly. This is best done by people with experience. Battery Man takes their car batteries Durban service very seriously and train their own staff in the intricacies of the business. This is the reason that they have become such a household name in the province and why they have grown from strength to strength during the past 30 years in business. There is another reason, other than maintenance as to why car batteries Durban should be handled by professionals. This is because they are a safety hazard. When not handled properly or in the wrong circumstances they can blow up and cause serious burns to the skin.


Other than having Battery Man staff deliver and install new car batteries Durban, customers can also call on them to service their current batteries. This needs to only be done once a year. The staff are trained to do the entire process and will be done within minutes. If the car battery is beyond repair then a new one can be arranged to be delivered the next day. They will make sure that car batteries Durban are in good physical condition and have no wear and tear and are securely in place. Next they will test the alternator charging rates.

This is a very important process as it is the alternator that is tasked with producing the energy that will be stored in the battery. The flow rate is vital as overcharging and undercharging can both cause damage. There is something that car owners can do to ensure the longevity of their car batteries Durban. This is to ensure that the car battery always has a good amount of stored energy. The battery does not have a set amount which is used up, but is instead constantly recharged by the alternator which produces this energy. The alternator however, will only produce a charge when the car is in motion. It is therefore important to make sure the vehicle is driven at least once a week so that there is the required amount of energy in the battery.

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