SUV vs. Trucks: the Pros and Cons

In their basic characteristics and purposes SUV and truck vehicles are quite similar however, there are still some important differences to be understood. With no doubt, SUV features will be more appealing to those people who are potentially looking for a truck, and vice versa. But in this article we would like to pay attention to some other important factors to consider if you are wondering which car to buy for your next vehicle. Read below a brief comparison of the pros and cons of each vehicles type.


SUV Advantages

First of all we would like to give you an example of an SUV to clarify the type of vehicles you will be reading about. The easiest way is to check Ford Escape as a classic representative of the SUV type of cars. They are large and very powerful vehicles. According to the automotive experts, in general a full size SUV can be and usually is somewhat more powerful than a truck of a full size. It means that SUV will be able to reach higher top speeds and to accelerate much more quickly. SUVs are also good for hauling other items, such as trailers and boats, as well as trucks.

The main and still very light advantage of the SUV vehicles is connected to their size and off road capabilities. SUVs construction is heavier, but at the same time offers additional storage of any possible interior luggage and cargo. Moreover, with SUVs you will get a higher seating capacity. As a rule, large SUV vehicles have four wheel drive and extremely sturdy frames which allow to go off road with ease.

Trucks Advantages

Trucks also have a number of great advantages over the SUVs. As stated above, they can haul even larger cargo, which is mainly the main reason of their purchasing. Moreover, this cargo is much more accessible in trucks than in SUVs. Trucks do have less space inside of cabins, but they compensate this feature by having a lighter engine and overall weight. As a result, trucks usually have better gas mileage than SUVs.

Another great thing about trucks is their market cost which is significantly lower. Experts explain that most trucks have their equivalent counterparts in sport utility vehicle options. There are much more luxury SUV vehicles in the market than trucks. The classic representative of the trucks ‘family’ is GMC Sierra which is luxurious enough and still has lower cost than most SUVs.

There are a few cars in the market that go between the SUV and truck models and which can also be considered in case you cannot decide which option to choose between the two. Some vehicles are sports utility with design and body based upon a truck construction. They will share many stylistic features of a truck vehicle but the added power and spaciousness will be taken from an SUV. Should you have any specific issues interesting to you or some questions to ask, so not hesitate to consult shop assistants for some additional information.

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