Now I Feel Safe and Secure

I required the services of a locksmith in London due to a rash of attempted burglaries in the area. It’s no surprise such antics seem to be on the increase. London, a city I love and in which I have lived my entire life, has become increasingly dangerous as the years roll onward. London is the most expensive city in the world in which to live, but it’s also got a lot of poor people who are willing to do whatever it takes to get by in life. That means the crime rate is extraordinarily high. I know it’s not always been this way.

The city used to be a fairly high trust endeavor. It was never a place where you would leave your doors unlocked, but you didn’t have to worry about seeing your door pried open and your property scattered about due to thieves seeking valuables. The flat I live in is quite old and the locks in such poor condition that it practically invites burglars who wish to ply their trade. After the second break in I resolved to take matters into my own hands. If the landlord wouldn’t do anything, I would do it myself.

I contacted the services of a locksmith and had them come out and install new, high security door locks. They sent a man out and he brought the new lock with him and set to work. He had to work hard to wrestle that new lock into place, but once he did I felt safer immediately. It’s also got a deadbolt on the inside for additional security for when I am at home. They did a bang up job and I’ve noticed my neighbors continue to get burglarized while my flat hasn’t gotten any attention. Obviously my new lock is acting as a deterrent!

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