4 Ways to Maintain Car Tyres Easily

A vehicle takes a lot of maintenance to operate smoothly and run for a long time, which doesn’t always come at a cheap price. Car maintenance can cost up to hundreds of dollars each month and more if you neglect it for some time. It is important for owners to take their cars to auto repair shop for regular maintenance. One of the most essential parts that require regular maintenance is tyres. Different vehicles have different types of cars, which need specific maintenance only a tyre shop can provide.

Tyre Shops have professionals that know all about tyres, their maintenance and replacement.Check your owner’s manual regarding what maintenance your car requires in which season. With that said, here are a few ways you can maintain your car on your own.

Check Air Pressure

The air pressure inside the tyres is critical to perfect performance and also avoids wear and tear as well. Make sure to check and refill tyre pressure every month after consulting your owner’s manual. The exact pressure the tyres need can also be found on the label pasted on the door or inside the fuel flap. If the tyre is not properly inflated, the car can spin out of control causing accidents and injuries to the driver.

Rotate Tyres

Wear and tear is inevitable in tyres because of direct contact with the road however, if you want to prolong the life of the tyres, then you need to ensure even wear and tear in all tyres. Tyre rotation is a common practice which involves changing the position of tyres, which can either be cross rotation, four wheel drives or straight rotation. You can easily perform the task yourself if you have the required equipment in your garage but it is better to leave tyre rotation to professionals for a good job done.

Align the Wheels

If you mostly drive your car at a high speed, then you need to align wheels frequently. Wheel alignment refers to the process on which you align the axles and wheels. By doing so, you reduce the chances of wear and tear, ensure optimum performance as well as save fuel. Wheel alignment protects the bearings and suspension, producing less vibration when you speed up the car and ensures you get the most out of your driving experience. Remember to install performance tyres that are suitable for high speed driving before hitting the road.

Repair Tyres

If you notice signs of excessive wear and tear and damages on the tyre, maintenance might not be enough. Take your car for repair and check if it needs replacement. All tyre brands like Continental, Bridgestone as well as Michelin tyres have an age limit on the tyres, starting from the day of manufacture and usually ending within five or six years. If it has been half a decade since you last installed the tyres, then it might be time for a replacement otherwise repair them. Do your research before buying new tyres and shop around for a reasonable price.


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