The First of Many Parties

I knew that we needed to add something to our corporate party, but I was not sure what it was. It just seemed a bit too stale for me, and that is the last thing that I wanted for any party, especially one that I was hosting. I did everything I could think of to make it better, but I was coming up empty. My assistant is actually the one who told me that there is a company that has people who provide professional party entertainment. She gave me the website address, and I was amazed at everything that they do offer.

I was expecting maybe some singers or even dancers, but I was not expecting the wide array of entertainment options that were available. I actually spent about an hour on the site, looking at the different entertainers and watching videos of a lot of them. To be honest, it was nearly overwhelming in a way because I had too many choices. I would rather have that problem than the opposite though, so I started eliminating the ones that I knew I did not want. It took me a while, but I finally managed to whittle it down to three different options.

The first is a live band that played throughout the evening. They played classic tunes as well as modern songs, and they even took some requests from some of the crowd. The next was a magician who went from table to table and performed neat tricks that really wowed even the older guests. Finally, I had an artist who did caricatures of the different people at the party. There was no cost for any of this to the guests, and they all had such a fantastic time. I know that it was the best party I had ever been to as well, and I suspect it is just the first of many from my company!

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