Not Knowing Who to Hire

I had recently moved to Singapore for a new job opportunity. I was able to start my own physicians clinic with a partner of mine. When we were looking for workers, we realized how important it was to have someone to do our clerical work. Finding secretarial services in Singapore was a lot easier than I expected.

Going with personal references or through a temp agency, either way would prove a great option. I have always heard great things about the temp agencies here so I talked to a few of them to see what they could offer me. I got sent a few applications and letters of reference from them as well, going through those was a tough job. All of them seemed qualified and could start at any time. I wanted to hire someone I could really trust and just by going off what was in front of me from a temp agency was a little nerve wrecking, I can’t lie!

I ended up calling the temp agency and seeing if I could set up a meeting with one of the applicants to get a feel for them before I make a choice. A few days later, I met with two of the people who had been offered. Both of them were really smart, well thought out, and had great experience in previous jobs. I had a hard time picking between them and ended up just hiring both. Lucky for me, they both worked out really well!

I have has some experience with personal hires. I can’t always say that is a great idea, sometimes it works out and sometimes it just won’t. My advice is to seek out an external source for a hire. Especially, when you are in an area that you aren’t used to working in. I got a temp agency that I could trust and was able to get a great crew for my office!

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