Common Types of Road Hazards

There are many things on the road today that can do damage to your car, whether they fall off and strike your vehicle or you roll over them. The problems that they cause can keep your automobile in the body shop for several days. Here are a few to try to avoid.


Whether it is kicked up off the road or falls from another vehicle, debris that hits your car can send you in for a windshield replacement st. charles mo or new paint job. Rocks, little pieces of trash, and other small objects bounce off the road and hit your car with enough velocity to chip the exterior or crack the glass. One way to avoid this is to put distance between you and any other vehicle that is carrying items that are loose. If something does hit you, call your insurance agent as soon as you can to see if your policy covers the repairs. 


Animals can dart out in front of your car before you have a chance to react. The damage can be as minor as a simple dent. Depending on the creature, it can also total your vehicle. Be aware of what is happening on the side of the road as well as on it. At night, if you are the only automobile on the road, turn your brights on so you can see more around you. Slow your speed if you are driving in an area known for its wildlife. This will give you more reaction time if you do encounter something and need to let it pass by.

Wet Roads

While rain and snow has less of a chance of damaging the exterior of your car, it can cause you to lose control of the wheel. Wet roads can become slick especially if they have been dry for a long time. If it is raining, drop your speed and pay closer attention to the road.

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