Get More Power and Better Performance From Your Diesel

If you have a diesel engine, most likely you like to feel a little power every once in a while. Whether you need more power to tow or you just like to have a little fun, here are a few things that can help improve the performance of your truck. 

More Fuel

Pushing the gas pedal down more doesn’t always get you the power you need and wastes gas instead of utilizing it. By installing new fuel injectors you can ensure your engine is getting the perfect amount of fuel it needs at that moment. It is important for the performance and power of your truck to have clean fuel injectors that function properly. Upgraded fuel injectors will also help with fuel mileage.

More Air

If you have the fuel, you also need the air. More air to the engine means more power. An intake air heater will help you get your diesel up and running quicker, but upgrading your airflow kit will increase the power. Airflow kits help draw cool air from outside the engine compartment into the engine to ensure your engine gets the oxygen it needs to produce more power. 


With the right ratio of fuel and air, your truck will be able to hit its maximum performance. In order to make sure your engine is getting the correct ratio, you need to replace or reprogram the Engine Control Module. Altering the settings will improve the overall power and performance. 

More Power

To really boost your power, try out a turbocharger. Turbos create pressure in the air intake by pushing more air into the engine. Most stock turbos increase the airflow three to four times whereas performance turbos can increase it up to ten times a regular engine. 

Better Performance

Although all these things will help boost your diesel engine and create more horsepower, they will also help with performance and efficiency. Whether you are looking for power, performance or efficiency making a few adjustments to your truck can go a long way. 

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