Mini-MBA, the Light Version of an MBA

Mini-MBA s are usually used for training purposes for people in business. They are not considered to be an actual MBA degree, but are sort of like the, “little leagues”, of getting an MBA.

After you get one, you can expect to be more knowledgeable about how business works, but you won’t necessarily be that much more credentialed. Sometimes people forgoe an entire MBA because they don’t have the funds or the discipline to get a full academic degree. It is possible, however, to learn the basics to get your business up and running without a full MBA degree, and just a mini-MBA.

A number of accredited schools offer mini-MBA programs, so you can still learn while at a favorite academic institutions.

A mini-MBA course might contain lessons on the following topics: business ethics, communication, marketing, leadership, and negotiation skills. They are often taught by industry leaders or heavy hitters in the field.

A mini-MBA is not, “looked down upon”, per se, by the entire field. There are still plenty of jobs you can get with a mini-MBA. Sometimes those with a mini-MBA go on to become extremely successful entrepreneurs, whereas other times they move into a business as an employee. Whether you work as an employee or a business leader, you can expect a mini-MBA to help you progress as a young business professional.

Courses inside of a mini-MBA tend to be introductory or modular, meaning that they do not cover the full-scope of each topic. However, this does not mean the courses are useless. You can kind of see them like training wheels on a bike, where you gradually learn business skills.

The length of a mini-MBA course is typically less than 150 hours. The courses do not give you credit for anything in any academic institution, however many mini-MBA students decide to move onto full MBA courses.

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