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Common Types of Road Hazards

There are many things on the road today that can do damage to your car, whether they fall off and strike your vehicle or you roll over them. The problems that they cause can keep your automobile in the body shop for several days. Here are a few to try to avoid.


Whether it is kicked up off the road or falls from another vehicle, debris that hits your car can send you in for a windshield replacement st. charles mo or new paint job. Rocks, little pieces of trash, and other small objects bounce off the road and hit your car with enough velocity to chip the exterior or crack the glass. One way to avoid this is to put distance between you and any other vehicle that is carrying items that are loose. If something does hit you, call your insurance agent as soon as you can to see …

3 Ideas for Your Next Family Road Trip

Now is probably the best time to start planning your summer road trip. Reserve vacation time from your job and be ready to go once the kids are out of school. Here are 3 ideas to get you started.

1. RV Camping Trip

With an RV, half the planning is already done as your family already has a place to sleep. Many routes in the US are generally camper-friendly with Kemah RV sites, such as the historic Route 66, which runs from Illinois to Southern California. The desert southwest, including Santa Fe, the Grand Canyon and the Joshua Tree Forest, has unusually beautiful scenery.

2. America Bridge Tour

Teach your kids about American innovation and engineering by visiting the country’s most stunning bridges. The Bixby Creek Bridge in Big Sur is literally carved out of the cliffs to extend the Pacific Coastal Highway down to Los Angeles and San …

Get Your Car Ready for a Road Trip

Whether you are planning a summer vacation, a trip to Grandma’s house for the holidays, or just a relaxing day trip on the road, your vehicle can be like your home away from home. Getting your car ready, inside and out, can make the difference between a chaotic experience and a calm, relaxing drive. Here are a few things you might want to plan before you leave.

Check Your Vehicle                      

Since the smooth operation of your car is the key to a smooth trip, take time to check the fluid levels and change filters if needed. You may want to have the tires rotated and balanced for better steering and fuel efficiency. If there are some concerns that need attention, call the mechanic Marysville WA depends on to get their cars road worthy.

Set Up the Inside

If you have small children, you will do better if you can occasionally …