Say Hello To Self-Driving Honda Cars That Lets You Sleep


Honda Motor Company, Japan is planning to launch level 4 autonomous driving cars by 2025. Let’s have a close look at Honda’s future projects.

The future of Automobile industry is undoubtedly going to shine super bright and we are definitely going to see a whole new level of innovations and technology excellence integrating with this industry. The future of automobile industry has a lot to offer, where complete electrification and autonomous cars are just two futuristic projects to look out for. Thanks to hard work and huge capital investments on research and product development by automobile brands, we would be driving innovative cars very soon in future.

Autonomous & Zero Tailpipe Emissions – The Future

The future of automotive industry is going to have environment friendly cars with zero tailpipe emissions. The rising concern for the environment has made it more than a necessity for automobile brands to invest huge time and capital on green technologies for the cars rolling out in the future. Adding to the excitement, the automobile brands are also planning to roll-out complete autonomous or self-driving cars in the future. Tesla – the renowned carmaker has already unveiled various self-driving cars till date. And we expect more automobile brands to unveil their innovations soon.

Honda’s Electric & Autonomous Cars allows you to sleep

The Japanese automobile brand – Honda has officially shared its plans for autonomous vehicles at a media event held last week. According to their plan, Honda will roll-out new electric cars with Level 4 autonomous driving capability by 2025. The company officials unveiled their mid-term Vision 2030 strategy plan, which said that they will boost their internal coordination between research & development, procurement and manufacturing of its vehicles in future.

According to the company officials, Honda is striving hard to roll-out futuristic vehicles that are much more advanced than the conventional vehicles of today. The future of automotive industry is moving very fast towards electric and self-driving cars, and Honda doesn’t want to lag behind in the competition.

Honda has already revealed that their upcoming electric vehicles are capable of Level 3 highway driving, and these cars will be available in the market by 2020. But what made everyone excited at the media event was Honda’s plan to launch electric cars with Level 4 autonomous driving capabilities by 2025. According to the Japanese car manufacturers, their electric cars with level 4 autonomous driving capabilities would allow you to sleep during the journey, and the car will drive itself without compromising with your safety.

During the media event, Honda president and CEO Takahiro Hachigo stated, “We are striving to provide our customers with a sense of confidence and trust by offering automated driving that will keep vehicles away from any dangerous situation and that will not make people around the vehicle feel unsafe. We’re going to place utmost priority on electrification and advanced safety technologies going forward.”

Honda is aiming to have at least two-third of its line-up consisting of EVs, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCVs), lower or no emission hybrids and plug-in hybrids by 2030. Currently, these vehicles are only 5% of Honda’s current line-up across the globe.

The Competitors

The Japanese automobile brand, Honda is not all alone moving ahead towards the future of all electric and autonomous cars. Rather, it can be said that Honda is running four years behind of its competitors. BMW has officially confirmed that their fully autonomous cars would hit the roads by 2021. Ford would also be launching their cars with similar capabilities in the same year. On the other hand, Nissan will also be rolling-out their car with Level 3 autonomous driving capability by 2020.

Keeping the competition aside, it is the automotive industry and the buyers who are going to be benefited by these cars in the future.

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