My Dad Got Show Plates for His Birthday

I always get my dad something unique for his birthday. He spent all of my life taking care of me and making sure that I never wanted for anything, and I am finally at the stage of life where I can start repaying him in kind. The only problem is that my dad really does not need anything, which can make finding the best gift kind of hard. I always succeed though, and I did again this year. My searches finally led me to, and I realized that a few show plates for his workspace would be the perfect gift for him.

I had never considered this before until I asked some guys at work what silly but unique gifts they would like to receive, and one of them told me show plates for his garage. My dad does not have a garage, but he does have a very nice and large shed where he works on various projects. He is into classic cars, and he often goes to classic car shows when they are somewhat close to where we live. I sometimes tag along, so I knew what show plates already were.

I knew that he had no practical purpose for them, but I also knew that he would love to use them as decoration in his workshop because of his love for classic cars and shows. The process was very simple, and it did not take me very long to order the three that I wanted to get for him. I really liked that I had so much freedom in putting on them what I wanted. These are not legal for the road, which gave me a lot more freedom than what I would have had if I was purchasing number plates. When I gave the show plates to my dad, he was even more excited over them than I expected!

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