I Have Been Really Lucky

These two girls moved in next door to me about three weeks ago and ever since then my life has been a lot more interesting to put it mildly. I realized at once that they seemed to have plenty of money and a lot of time on there on their hands. They seemed to be interested in what I did when I told them I was in real estate. One of them was particularly interested and wanted me to show her what I did, at any rate she told me that she was a latina escort in Provo UT and then she asked me if I had a problem with that. I shrugged and asked her why I would, then I asked if I was wasting my time chasing her. She told me that I had to figure out if I thought the catching would be worth the effort, then she asked me if the house we were looking at was worth buying. I asked her if she had some coveralls and took mine out of the trunk of my car.

She was not really interested in crawling under that house or even shining a light down there to make sure that nothing else was living down there. I told her that you had to have someone who knew how to inspect a house. You had to figure out what needed to be fixed and then what it would cost to fix it. She was dead on the math after I inspected the house and immediately realized that this particular house was a bad bet when I told her what a house in that area went for. You might make a profit, but not enough to be worth the stretch. The more I taught her the better my chances of catching her seemed.

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