Taking the Motorcycle CBT Test

When you learn to ride a bike by taking a CBT test, you’ll eliminate much of the stress and difficulty that comes from learning a new skill. And you can be assured that you are given the best possible instruction to ensure you are a safe and confident rider. Learning to ride really is easier than most aspiring riders think.

An Introduction To the CBT Test

Before you can have your license, the UK government requires that you take this training, and most would be bike riders are able to easily complete and pass the training in one day. However, if you need more time, you can take longer. Irresponsible motorcycle riders cause accidents on UK roads every day, and the CBT training is designed to make sure that bike riders are safe, know how to handle their machine, and to reduce the number of bike relayed accidents each year. Before you are fully qualified, you’ll have to tackle the five areas that comprise the training:

Introduction and Eyesight Check

The instructor will make sure that you are able to accurately read a standard number plate from a distance of 20 metres, with glasses if worn. The rest of this section is a basic overview of the training and what to expect from the other sessions. You’ll also discover why having the proper riding gear is a must, and the importance of keeping your bike in good condition.

On Site Training

The focus here is on understanding the controls on your motorcycle, what they do and how to use them safely and appropriately. And because basic bike maintenance is obviously important for any bike owner, you’ll be given an overview of routine bike maintenance.

On Site Riding

Making a U turn, changing gears, using the various controls on your bike and being able to ride in a straight line are all included in this session. Typically, this part of the course is carried out in an open space and you won’t be riding out on the road.

On Road Training

Of course, you’ll want to take your bike out on the road and this part of the training covers careful and safe road riding in different conditions, and how to use the mirrors for safer riding.

On Road Riding

The last part of the training course actually takes you out on the road, with an instructor riding behind you and able to communicate with you by means of a microphone.

It’s easier than you think to learn to ride a bike by taking a CBT test, regardless of where in the UK you live. However, if you live in the London area, one of the most reputable courses is offered by London Motorcycle Training. Although you’ll have a learner sign on the back of your bike for a few weeks, you’ll soon be enjoying the freedom of bike riding after completing the course.

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