3 Things To Skip For A More Affordable Galveston Vacation

A popular year-round destination on the Gulf of Mexico is Galveston, Texas. Miles of sandy beaches, hip bars and restaurants, and pirates abound in this charming coastal town. As with all beach vacations, the price tag can run a little high, so here are three vacation staples to skip to lower your overall trip cost.

Skip Rental Cars

Many vacation hot spots like Galveston are located within a reasonable driving distance from a large airport, so think about booking a Galveston Island charter bus service to reach your final destination. Undoubtedly, rental cars are great for convenience; however, the cost of a rental car can easily be several hundred dollars. To save money on transportation, you should consider various types of reliable public transportation available in Galveston.

Skip Hotels

While Galveston Island has a variety of hotels and resorts to stay in, the cost per night is high, especially if you need space for children. Instead of choosing a hotel, book a family friendly vacation rental home or beach house. The beach houses in Galveston have a special charm since many are built on stilts within feet of the water. The home away from home will have a variety of convenient amenities, like a laundry room and free WiFi, that will be greatly appreciated by a family.

Skip Eating Out

Eating out on vacation is an easy way to spend a lot more money than you originally budgeted. With that in mind, do your best to bring your own food from home, or do the grocery shopping when you arrive in Galveston. You can cook breakfast before you go out, pack lunches for a picnic on the beach, and enjoy a home cooked meal from the comfort of your own kitchen. Galveston is very well known for its fresh seafood you can purchase almost directly off the boats that bring it in every day.

Saving money on vacation staples like transportation, lodging, and food is a great way to add more funds to the best part of traveling: fun. Take the money you save and put it to use site-seeing, adventuring, and creating lifelong memories.

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