3 Things To Expect When Working as a Truck Driver

Working as a truck driver can be a great way to make a living for people who enjoy working alone and do not mind driving for hours at a time in a variety of traffic scenarios. No college degree is required, although a commercial driver license is required, and other certifications may be needed depending on the type of truck being driven and the load being carried.

1. Solitude         

Anyone who has worked in an office or retail setting with constant contact with nearby coworkers will have to adjust to being alone for the majority of their shift. Anyone who prefers solitude may thrive in an environment where they can relax with their thoughts for hours at a time. Just make sure that staying alert will not be a problem, as it is essential that drivers be aware of their surroundings at all times. Consider CDL road protection, which may be helpful if anything does occur.

2. Long Days

The regulations regarding how many hours per day a truck driver is allowed to be on the road are set by the Department of Transportation. It is not uncommon for truck drivers to be on the road for more than ten hours a day. As food and restroom breaks do not count as time worked, a shift can stretch out even longer than that.

3. Differing Pay Methods

Truck drivers are often paid by the mile, which means that any time that is not spent driving on the route is time that is not paid for. Some companies pay based on actual miles driven while on the job, while others pay for a set amount of distance. A few businesses may also choose to pay by the hour instead.

Anyone who is considering a job as a truck driver should contact local companies and inquire about what the position entails. For someone who has the right personality and skills, it can be a great career choice.

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