I Met This Incredibly Smart Girl

Of course I would like to be rich and there are a lot of ways you can get rich if you are smart enough and you have the right timing and the right amount of risk tolerance. For instance I knew about bitcoin at the beginning, but I did not have enough money to be risking at that time. I certainly did not think we were on the cusp of the era of bitcoin or how big of a thing crypto would be in general. If you look under a rock in your yard you may well find an overly hyped crypto currency under it, or perhaps some tiny hype man screaming at the top of his lungs about the stuff. Every one of them is supposed to be the next bitcoin and it is quite obvious that none of them are really that and a lot of them are little more than the sorts of grift we have in our government these days.

I really wonder about this stuff more than ever because of this girl I have met, she is a legitimate genius. She went to college when she was 16 and came away with a major in math and another in computer science before she was 19. Apparently she was all about bitcoin way back before most people had ever heard about the stuff and she is big into the technology that underpins the entire concept, which is called blockchain. Knowing about this stuff is like having a license to steal from what I can tell. She does not have a job per se, but instead she rents herself out at a piratical rate to these big companies. Most of the time she spends out by her pool with her laptop. She is really quite attractive too, but seemed to think I was after her money when I was chasing her.

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