Benefits of using Opel Engine Oils

Using a professional and verified product for your engine keeps it at best, running, and extravagant in the long run. Preferring a suitable and professional engine oil for your engine is all it needs from you and will keep it energized while cruising through the roads. Opel engine oils are a product line especially recommended for GM brand vehicles and is a renowned lubricant brand introduced by the General motors itself. Opel Engine oils come with a long-range of products for different needs and requirements according to your engine specifications and operative channels. Opel engine oil products are designed for ultimate engine performance and to keep your passion and cruising alive.

Opel GM 5W30

Opel engine oils’ renowned product Opel GM 5W30 dexos2 Engine Oil and related grades and viscosities are a name of quality and protection against mechanical stress and wear. Opel GM dexos2 is a stronger product concerning its base than those made from traditional raw materials. It stays stronger to provide superior protection against wear with better resistance to oil degradation and lesser evaporation to keep your passion for driving alive and let you enjoy the ride every time you cruise through the roads. Opel Dexos 2 approved engine oils based on ACEA C3 technology offer less friction, to minimize sliding friction of the moving parts while working of the engine, which, as a result, reduces fuel consumption and gives optimum performance. The tests run by the various labs across different manufacturing and quality levels show that fuel consumption decreases to an optimum standard. With a proper base and production channel, these oils sustain for long and let your engine feel energetic every time it starts a journey. These are some remarkable traits that make this brand stand able among the race of engine oils. A reliable engine oil brand is one that sustains for a longer streak, retains its viscosity, and fights well with higher temperature conditions, can withstand the coldest temperatures, and possess the ability to quickly cover the quick start and stop scenarios. These traits are well-managed and well-packed in the Opel product range.

Opel Dexos 2

Opel Dexos 2 range comes up for both variants of the engine including gasoline and Diesel, therefore, making it reliable for personal, commercial, and heavy-duty vehicles. they have always anticipated and promised optimum fuel economy and made their promise come true with their product range, quality meeting standards, and specifications of API SN/ CF, GM-LL-A-025, GM-LL-B-025, VW 502 00, 505 00, 505 01, and MB 229.51. Opel products are the guarantee of original and quality-efficient marks, as well as, vast product catalog for vast vehicle range. When it comes to engine protection from wear and tear, plaque and dust accumulation as well as temperature maintenance, Opel products are no less than any competitor in the market. Their product range provides you the desired protection, sustainability, and prevention from knocking to ensure smooth running. With these abilities and traits, you can characterize Opel Engine oils as a reliable and trustworthy engine partner for your vehicle.

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