4 Crucial Things To Do When You Move Into a New Home

One of the most exciting points during the home buying process is when you receive the keys to your new house. That’s the moment when it all feels real. Once you get to step through the door there are some important things to do to make sure your home is safe and secure.

1. Change the Locks

Yes, you just received the new keys, but now you need to change the locks and get another set of new ones. This ensures that the old keys floating around with the previous owner’s friends or neighbors won’t work. A lock rekeying service Orlando can come out to change the locks on all of the doors so you don’t have to worry about any unwanted visitors.

2. Do A Walkthrough

When the house is still empty take the time to inspect the doors and windows, check that the requested repairs have been completed and make sure the light switches, outlets and fixtures are working. It’s much easier to see anything that needs to be changed before the boxes are filling up the spaces.

3. Set Up Utilities

Before you move into your house, set up a transfer of utilities to occur on the closing date. Once you’re in the house, make sure all of them are working. Check the water, heat, electric, and internet to confirm everything is set up and accessible.

4. Deep Clean

Another thing to consider is a thorough deep clean before you move your items into the house. This get’s rid of all of the old owner’s gunk and allows you to start fresh. Hire professionals if you’re busy with other moving tasks.

Doing these four things gets you set up for success and decreases part of the stress of the moving process so you can enjoy your new home as quickly as possible.

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