Get Your Car Ready for a Road Trip

Whether you are planning a summer vacation, a trip to Grandma’s house for the holidays, or just a relaxing day trip on the road, your vehicle can be like your home away from home. Getting your car ready, inside and out, can make the difference between a chaotic experience and a calm, relaxing drive. Here are a few things you might want to plan before you leave.

Check Your Vehicle                      

Since the smooth operation of your car is the key to a smooth trip, take time to check the fluid levels and change filters if needed. You may want to have the tires rotated and balanced for better steering and fuel efficiency. If there are some concerns that need attention, call the mechanic Marysville WA depends on to get their cars road worthy.

Set Up the Inside

If you have small children, you will do better if you can occasionally distract them from the inevitable whining or arguing over whose air they are breathing. Plan things that keep their hands and attention busy but try to avoid movies or electronics, at least part of the time, and encourage them to watch the world go by occasionally. Coloring, stickers or puzzles are good choices. It can also keep them from asking for snacks as often. For adults, bring a small tote with a road map, an audio book or reading material to browse. or even a knitting project to pass the time. Don’t forget the phone chargers.

Snack Time

Bring a bag of dry foods such as low salt crackers, nuts or fruit snacks and a small cooler with cheese sticks, fresh fruit or veggie sticks, or even some sliced cold chicken or ham for between-meal snacks. You may want to carry some moistened wipes for clean up. Bring fresh water in spill proof bottles.

If your car is running well and you are prepared for most any eventuality, your trip will be more successful. With a little effort you can relax and enjoy the ride.

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