Not all heros Wear Capes: How to Come the Rescue in a Winter Storm

Winter is here, and for most of the country, that means snowfall. It will conceal sidewalks, walkways, and driveways from plain sight. Many people don’t have all-wheel drive vehicles and don’t take the proper precautions in the snow s there are always a few cars stuck in driveways, or hillsides or ditches. Here are three ways you can come to the rescue when mother nature has graced us with a thick blanket of snow.


You won’t be able to plow if you have a car, but if you have a truck, you can attach a snow plow to the front. Your neighbors with long driveways will give you all sorts of their homebaked Christmas treats after you clear away the snow. If you are accustomed to just using a shovel to clear big spaces, you will be amazed at how fast a plow can get the job done.


Most municipalities have codes about keeping sidewalks clear. Check with your favorite local mom and pop businesses and offer to clear the path in front of their stores. Even more so, there are disabled and older people who can’t begin to shovel their walkways. Shoveling snow for those who need it most will endear you to the community and provide a much-needed service.


Slick roads inevitably lead to fender benders, high centering, and vehicles slipping off the road. Equip your four-wheel-drive truck with a tow so you can pull the stuck cars safely back on the road. Be sure to carry straps for attaching the vehicle to your tow, and a shovel just in case you need to dig out a little snow from the trapped car.
Make the winter wonderland more magical by helping others. You will bring joy to everybody who you are clearing snow for, or helping get back on the road.

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