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Seat Belt Retractor Repair

Is your seat belt giving you issues or is not working properly? If so, you may want to take a look at what may be giving you these problems. There is the option of getting a professional to handle it all for you, but you can also try to work on it yourself if that is something you may want to do. The following is how to fix a seat belt retractor or a jammed seat belt.

There are two more common things to look for that may be the reason for your issues. The first is when dirt and grime is on the seat belts webbing. If the webbing is dirty, the seat belt may end up retracting a lot slower than it should. If the issue is with the dirt and grime, you would need to clean the webbing. To do this, you start by pulling the webbing …

Simple Maintenance Tips for Your New Car

Modern cars need far less maintenance than older models, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest a little time and effort in ensuring that your vehicle looks its best and performs as well as it can.

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Even if you don’t know one end of a silicone hose from another, here are some top tips on simple car maintenance that won’t take up too much time or effort but can really pay dividends in the long term.

Engine Oil

You should try to do this at least once a month and more if you notice any sort of leak or that you are having to add more oil regularly. When you do it, make sure that your car is on level ground so that your dipstick reading is accurate, and make sure that you don’t overfill the tank.

Tyre Pressure

This is essential to keep you safe as …

The Gift of a Plant

For my birthday, a friend of mine gave me a houseplant. She knew that I didn’t want to have a pet, but thought I would enjoy having a plant at my Treasure at Tampines condo. A houseplant is much easier to take care of than a regular pet, because you don’t have to walk it or feed it food or take it to a vet. It just sits in the sun and grows. My friend told me that I would really enjoy the plant once it started to bloom. I asked him what kind of plant it was, but he told me that it was a surprise.

I looked at the plant in an attempt to figure out what it was, but I couldn’t tell just by looking at the leaves. I looked online at some photos, but they made me even more confused about the type of plant that …