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I Met This Incredibly Smart Girl

Of course I would like to be rich and there are a lot of ways you can get rich if you are smart enough and you have the right timing and the right amount of risk tolerance. For instance I knew about bitcoin at the beginning, but I did not have enough money to be risking at that time. I certainly did not think we were on the cusp of the era of bitcoin or how big of a thing crypto would be in general. If you look under a rock in your yard you may well find an overly hyped crypto currency under it, or perhaps some tiny hype man screaming at the top of his lungs about the stuff. Every one of them is supposed to be the next bitcoin and it is quite obvious that none of them are really that and a lot of them are …

Top Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting a Farm

If you’re considering joining the agricultural industry, you’re passionate about working the land and growing food. While starting a farm is much different than starting an office-based company, you still need to make a business plan. Use these questions to guide this document’s creation.

What Is Your Purpose?

Every business needs a mission statement, so you need to decide why you’re becoming a farmer. Are you passionate about organic farming, or do you want to break up agricultural monopolies? Perhaps you want to improve the quality of people’s food, or you want to stop unethical farming practices. Regardless, decide what your main reason for joining the industry is and craft your mission statement. 

Who Are Your Suppliers?

Your business plan proves to your investors that you’ve thought through your idea, so you must demonstrate that you have suppliers. These include companies that sell you seeds and provide you with …

Why to Buy Recycled Goods

Recycling has gained a lot of attention and popularity over the last decade. The focus of recycling has grown from how we limit trash, to how we can reuse products. Buying used products isn’t a new idea. Many people buy used cars and clothes in order to save money. However, there are other reasons why reusing these materials is beneficial. Every item that is saved and reused, doesn’t end up in a landfill. Also, businesses that sell used products are usually locally owned and operated. By purchasing used products, those businesses benefit. 

Many industries have embraced the idea of recycling goods, and it is paying off. This is seen especially in the auto industry. Most auto shops now offer the option of buying used truck body parts instead of new ones. This is cheaper for the customer and saves the part from ending up in a scrapyard. Sometimes the auto …