Amazing Features of Fat Bikes

Fat bikes give you incredible traction, and its amazing features give it the much-neededversatility. Fat Bikes are built to tackle any kind weather and terrain and are ideal for snow, sand, bogs, and mud. You can ride the fat bike in areas that the regular bikes will not cycle. Fatbikes are undoubtedly your best bet for muddy tracks, crossing rivers and sketchy dirt roads.

In today’s world being fit is imperative and fit bikes are the perfect workouts for burning calories. The fact that the bike does not have too much weight makes it an ideal exercise gear. The bike is also your best partner for adventure as it allows you to takethe climb or downhill ride uneventfully, and you can concentrate on enjoying the serenescenery.

Features of a fat bike that makes them your everyday riding partner:

Wide Tires

The most apparent reason that makes the fat bikes great is the wide tires which measure four to six inches. The bike rims are built to plus size to fit into the bike hub so that it can accommodate the extra size tire. The wide tires will come in handy as they make sure the bike remains afloat without sinking into mud or snow. The wider the tires, the better for the muddy or snowing terrain. One of the feature to look out for is while looking for a fat bike is the dropout space as the wider its, the better. To be able to accommodate tires that wide ensure that the rear and front dropout each have area of more than 190mm.

Fat Bike Weight

Fat bikes have a lightweightaluminum sturdy frame making it easy to float through sand and snow. Aluminium rims and hubs are light and ensure minimal as Weight is a crucial factor to consider while taking harsh terrains and given that fat bikes have a low weight makes them ideal for all seasons and terrains. While you are moving up hills, or in snow too much pressure will hinder movement and cause too much exhaustion.  In spite of the strength it requires, the minimal weight ensures that you maintain momentum even uphill. Advanced technology has made it possible to build fat bikes with minimum weight.

Suspension Ready Geometry Frame

One of the features to look out for in a Fat bike is one you can add the suspension fork. Through the TIG welding, the aluminum frame is made sturdy and versatile. In combination with the suspension fork, the geometry frame makes the bike handle any terrain very with no breakdown. Therigid stork fork should equal in length to the suspension fork which will make the bike easier to turn and also act as a shock absorber.

If you are looking to have fun, participating in a bike race or just an adventure Fat Bikes are your choice. They are custom made to handle rough terrain, snow or mud withoutfailing. If you are looking for heavy duty Fat bikes at an excellent price, you will find them at our website shown with all the features. Our bikes are not only appealing in look but are robust, light in weight and comfortable.

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