Essential Parts of the Car Engine

The engine is an integral part of the car as it starts a car. Gasoline is burned in the engine, and its chemical energy is converted to mechanical energy. This is done by the process of combustion whereby the atoms in the gasoline molecule bind with the air molecule atoms and result in extra energy needed to start a car. Other than playing an essential function in propelling a vehicle, an engine is made up of various subsystems. These components need to be effective and of high-quality for efficiency.

The engine parts are crucial, and that is why works hard to provide high-quality parts. The various vital parts of the engine include tappet, water pump and timing belt kit, poly v-belt, engine mount, thermostat, head gasket, and rocker cover gasket. Other parts are ignition coil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, lambda sensor and glow plugs. provides products for all car types and engines. 

Water pump, thermostat, timing belt and poly v-belt

 The water pump plays a role in pushing coolants through the engine block of the car. It also prevents the engine heat from affecting the system. On the other hand, the thermostat blocks the flow of coolant to the radiator. The blocking stops when the engine has warmed up. The timing belt turns the camshaft of the engine at a speed set by the crankshaft allowing the camshaft to open and close at specific timing with the pistons. This will enable the engine to function efficiently. The water pump and timing belt from Engine parts catalogue are of high-quality and is sold at affordable prices. The poly v-belt is used to drive various peripheral devices in the engine including the water pump.


The oil filter, a vital engine car part found at, is essential as it ensures the engine operates with good quality oil. It helps filter abrasive particles from the oil. The air filter prevents damaging dirt and contaminants from entering the engine. The fuel filter sieves out dirt and rust particles from the fuel.


 The head gasket is an essential part as it covers the combustion process taking place internally. It also prevents the coolant and oil from combining. Overheating can cause the head gasket to blow.  Fortunately, you don’t need to worry because provides high-end head gaskets.  Various designs exist such as the rocker cover gasket.

Engine Mount

 The engine mount holds the engine in place. Therefore, if it is affected, functions between the engine and transmission will not operate effectively. The tappet holds valve engines in the engine block. 

Ignition Coil

 An ignition coil is used to transform the battery low voltage to others to develop an electric spark needed to ignite the oil. This is a necessity for the engine to start. The ignition coil found at is at an affordable price.

 Other important car engine parts found at are the glow plugs and lambda sensor. Glow plugs are used for ignition in diesel engines as compared to spark plugs used in petrol engines. The lambda sensor measures the volume of oxygen in the exhaust gas. All these engine parts are essential to have in your car. It is easier to place an order at, and the product will be delivered on time.

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