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Renault Trucks Proves its “French Origin” Status

Since 1894, the renowned truck manufacturerwith the diamondshapedlogohas been designing vehicles for light and heavy duty operations. The comprehensive Renault Trucks’ expertise in the automotive industry is promoted through the “French Origin” certification, granted by the so-called “ProFrance” association. The certified status has been recently prolonged until 2020.

Such a favourable quality assessment encourages further development of the existing strong-tie relationship between Renault Trucks and XPO Logistics, which represents one of the largest providers of transport and logistics services in the world. The two market leaders have signed a new two-year contract at the beginning of April. By the way, the mutual cooperation started in the distant 1979.

As of today, there are 2,500 Euro 6 trucks from Renault D and T series in the fleet of XPO Logistics. These distribution and long-distance vehicles are used for high-performance transportation with the focus on the demanding environmental …

SUV vs. Trucks: the Pros and Cons

In their basic characteristics and purposes SUV and truck vehicles are quite similar however, there are still some important differences to be understood. With no doubt, SUV features will be more appealing to those people who are potentially looking for a truck, and vice versa. But in this article we would like to pay attention to some other important factors to consider if you are wondering which car to buy for your next vehicle. Read below a brief comparison of the pros and cons of each vehicles type.


SUV Advantages

First of all we would like to give you an example of an SUV to clarify the type of vehicles you will be reading about. The easiest way is to check Ford Escape as a classic representative of the SUV type of cars. They are large and very powerful vehicles. According to the automotive experts, in general a full size …